Who are we?

NORPHAN is an Austrian non-profit charity promoting the rights of children, which are human rights specifically adapted to children, such as their right to life, their right to the protection of their physical and mental integrity, their right to intellectual development, their right to health care, to access to food, and to protection from sexual slavery, torture, kidnapping for child marriage and abuse, because children have no means or possibilities, or a suitable environment, to create their own protective shell.

The rights of children take into account their fragile and vulnerable nature, and their age-appropriate needs.

“Mankind owes to the Child the best that it has to give.”
Geneva Declaration

“Be good to orphans and the needy.
Speak nicely to people.
And help the poor.”
Quran (02:83)

It was founded in Vienna in 2014 with the goal of rescuing and ensuring the survival of children—the most vulnerable victims of military conflicts.

Respecting their identities, culture and religion, we support and protect the human rights of orphaned Muslim children who have become victims in extremely high-risk conflict zones, exposed to terrorism as part of constitutional disputes over Islamic Sharia law and its traditional Islamic legal norms, as well as areas impacted by extreme poverty.


The safety of children is a matter of particular concern for us because children’s rights are threatened or violated in numerous parts of the world where children suffer from war and armed conflict.

Every child has the right to their own identity, the right to their own nationality, and the right to their own religion. The orphaned innocent victims of military conflicts with whom we work come from absolutely different cultures, cultural patterns, religions and environments.

We operate exclusively in their home environments, where they know the culture and know the way of life, and so do not have to face cultural and religious barriers.

No child should live on the street in harsh conditions, suffer from malnutrition, be starved, or sleep on the bare ground near bomb attacks or other life-threatening dangers.

We do not support migration because it is an intense and very emotional process of societal collapse, and children who are clearly dissimilar “at first sight” merely through their cultural difference become the targets of religious and racial discrimination, and thus become unacceptable to the majority society.

Our goal?

The NORPHAN non-profit charity was founded with the goal of protecting the identity, cultural values and customs, and the religion of orphaned Muslim children by creating a safe space in their own identity and by creating safe spaces in the places where these children were born, where they can grow up and later help to develop their own country through their own education.

Our vision and mission is based on the fact that there are 153 million orphans on the planet, over half of whom live on the street in inhuman conditions and in life-threatening situations, begging, suffering from malnutrition or starving, dirty, barefoot, without sufficient access to water and sanitation, and above all without any place they could call home.

We set up family-style orphanages so we can satisfy orphaned Muslim children’s social, emotional, and cognitive needs to encourage the healthy development of their personalities.

We want them to feel safe and healthy in their own country and their own culture, and so we support their education and provide them with the basic necessities for survival. This means a roof over their heads serving as protection from ill treatment, healthy and nutritious food, health care, psychosocial assistance, but especially psychotraumatological care and protection from begging, bomb attacks, recruitment into terrorist groups, illiteracy, child labour, forced marriages, sexual slavery, rape, violent death and a deepening of their psychological trauma.

Instead of harming them by supporting EU host countries in their efforts to integrate these orphaned children, we support the children be allowing them to grow up in their own culture and religion, instead of tearing them away from them.

We do not want them to stop dreaming of a better tomorrow, and so we want to give them space they can call a safe home, where they can rest, sleep in a warm bed… and simply be children again.

“Every child is a personality whose identity SHOULD NOT be changed, but should be helped on the road to improvement.”
Maryam Neumann,
Psychologist and founder of the NORPHAN non-profit charity

  • We protect the human rights of orphaned Muslim children
  • We encourage them to grow up in their own culture and religion, where they were born
  • We only operate in extremely risky war-torn Muslim zones

Maryam Neumann

Islamológ, prezident neziskovej humanitárnej organizácie NORPHAN